Barla Marble

Barla Marble is a young member of the natural stone sector, established in 2008 and aims to take an important role in the market together with the experience of partner company, Bartu Marble. lt's new product Crema Barla (Ottoman Beige) has already become one of the most demanded beige marble in the natural stone sector. The company has also dedicated itself to introduce Anatolia's secret treasure, marble to the World markets. Beside operating natural stone quarries all around Turkey, it continues to contribute to sector by conducting new 35 licences.


Quality Products

We strive to offer our customers the best quality of the products in the most appropriate way to their needs.

Professional Team!

We work with our professional team at every stage of production, processing and sales to ensure that our customers receive the service they need in a complete and correct manner.


Secure Logistics

We ensure that our customers' orders are transferred to the desired location without any damage, on time and with the right packaging method.

Strong Customer Network

We are also getting stronger with our strong customers from all over the world.

If you want to work with a professional brand, you're in exactly the right place.